About Us (me)

Welding Inspection Services was Located in Iuka Mississippi was established to provide services to companies in the area or companies that may have equipment manufactured in this area. The company is basically just me, 

I have been a welder since the first time I struck an arc in 8th Grade metal shop at Cherokee Junior High in Springfield Mo. I then took similar classes at Kickapoo High School and then in Memphis at Kingsbury Vocational Center. My welding teacher in Memphis got me interested and motivated in the field of welding.

 Don't look down on vocational education that involves using your hands. I have been getting paid for it since I was 15 years old when I began welding on portable lighting trailers for a Coleman Engineering in Memphis.I have been blessed with being able to take a full time instructor job at Walters State Community College in Greeneville Tn .  I will share whatever information with others who are interested in this fine trade. I have welded nuclear power plant component piping on US Navy submarines, and BBQ grills and trailer hitches. All of which I enjoyed. I'm not great at any of it but I enjoyed all of it. 

I have been blessed with working for many great companies as an inspector, welder, supervisor, manager, and instrctor. Hopefully they gained some useful knowledge from me, because I know that I did from them.

I have been blessed tremendously by God with a life filled with ups and downs. But you know what, its nothing compared to what may come. Look in the Bible, Read It, learn from it.

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 since 10 Nov 04