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I had recently received a welder for review from another importer of China made machines. I decided to ask Everlast if they would be interested in supplying one in exchange for a link on my site. 

26 Aug 08

I received the machine on 26 Aug 08 1 day later than expected but that is typical with DHL in my area. The machine came in well packaged. The yellow reminded me of the other yellow welder from e**b. I assembled the machine which was straightforward except for the jumper tubing from the filter/regulator to the gas inlet on the back was a little short. I had a substitute handy.

After getting the machine wired up and assembled I decided to try the torch.  I had a compressor only capable of 3 CFM at 45 PSI so the cuts were short. The arc didn't seem to start as readily as the other machines I had used (M**l*er and E**B) but as soon as it started, it cut fine. Adjusting the amperage down to 15 allowed be to cut an onld circular saw blade I had.  Turned up to 40 I was able  to cut through a piece of 1/2" V E R Y slowly.  Below are some pictures of the cuts. 


Plasma1.JPG (335520 bytes)

Plasma2.JPG (461595 bytes)

Plasma3.JPG (596906 bytes)

The machine welded with SMAW fine. I ran a couple of beads with 1/8" E7018 to see it I thought it was close to 150 . It seems maybe closer to 140 but I'd have to put a meter on it. Running 6011 the machine ran GREAT. Even whipping out to 1/4" arc lengths the machine stayed steady. The last two rods had the arc go out for a fraction of a second 3 times. Could been me but I think the machine was possibly getting close to its duty cycle.

P1050869.JPG (850979 bytes)

I hope to hook up a tig rig tomorrow night or soon after.

Sep 6 2008

CT416D-1.JPG (187575 bytes) Click to view picture

I was able to get the machine setup outside where I had a little more room. I was able to make a few cuts with the plasma. The machine will cut up to 1/2" CT416D-2.JPG (114771 bytes) material HOWEVER I think 3/8" CT416D-3.JPG (180879 bytes) is a practical limit or so it is for mine.  I also cut some 1/4" Duplex 2205. Understand that some alloys will have a much greater amount of slag than others.

CT416D-4.JPG (158252 bytes)

The machine had a smooth and steady arc while tig welding. The remote control worked fine though I wish it could be turned off or at least had a preflow to give me a chance to shut my eyes when I accidentally touch it. The electrical output seemed lower than what was on the dial but that was based on my experience. I will try to get an ammeter to check it out.

Here are some pictures of a tig welded joint that I cut the saddle with the plasma and welded up with TIG. Machine setting on about 110 amps. 15 CFH argon using 3/32" EWTH-2. (2% THoriated Tungsten(W) Electrode)

CT416D-5.JPG (148247 bytes)CT416D-6.JPG (163651 bytes)CT416D-7.JPG (118954 bytes)CT416D-8.JPG (131614 bytes)

So far the machine seems to be a great value for < $600.00 . You can buy one from Everlast 


4 Oct 08

I was able to get a little more capacity on my air by adding a storage tank that I could charge over a period of time.


I had a welder qualification test that was a little too big to fit in my fillet weld break jig. I had to cut some off the edges. I went ahead and setup the video camera just to record how long it took and I traveled 5 inches in 1 minute and 10 seconds. That worked out to 4.3 IPM. 

Cut1WPQ.JPG (843530 bytes) Cut on 1/2" Carbon Steel WPQ coupon (Fillet Weld Test)

After that cut so well I decided to see how it would handle a little more cutting. I changed to all new consumables and began cutting strips off the edge of the plate. The machine consistently struck an arc and cut pretty much the same through all 40 inches. 

LastCut.JPG (650094 bytes) The Last CUT !

AllCuts.JPG (534139 bytes) All the cuts together.

consumables.JPG (733779 bytes) Consumables After 40" of 1/2" Plate.

finalCutCloseup.JPG (342087 bytes) The final Cut Close-up.

So far the machine seems to run fine. I do not own this one so have not subjected it to dropping it to see if it still works. If Alex gives me the go ahead, I will do it .I hope to try a little tig and E7018. The rated output is 160 amps which should run a 1/8" 7018 down pretty fast. (Less than 50 seconds) . So we will see .

Though I cannot speak on the support I think the machine would be a great addition to any homeowners shop and even someone messing with a little light fabrication. I would suggest buying a spare JUST IN CASE but if I have this for any length of time and get 30 or 50 lbs of electrode through it and 100 hours or so of arc time, my opinion may change. Tonight I had an estimated arc time of about 14 minutes with the welder qualification test and the 8 test cuts.


Based on some comments from the weldingweb I tried a little faster cutting speed. I also upped the air pressure to 85 PSI. I was able to cut up to 10.18 IPM but the quality was a little rough.

2 Jan 08

Haven't had much time to do anything with the machine other than a few little projects. Cut a 4" chrome exhaust for a friend and welded it onto his truck.

Today I pulled it out of the old damp shed to do some training for a young man interested in learning how t o weld. I figured this would be a good test to see if there were any problems with rods sticking. We were using 1/8" 6011, 3/32" 6013, and 1/8" 7018. The machine worked well and stood up to quite a few stuck rods and then went on to weld fine. Then with a flip of a switch I setup to let him cut some with the plasma. He cut a piece of 16 ga exhaust along the centerline then we fit it back together and stick welded it using 3/32" E6013 on DCSP. He was able to stick it back together with minimum holes blown in it.

I will try to take some pics of the welds as he progresses.

19 Jan 09

I asked the guy to bring some rods, haven't heard much since. :).

A neighbor has a small loading dock that they use for hauling potatoes. One of the dock ramps had been damaged and both of the supporting legs broke at the bend line. The material was 3/8" Carbon steel. Click on pictures to see the larger picture.


I beveled the edges using the plasma cutter, fitup the pieces, welded a root pass with E6010+, 

ramp001.JPG (69928 bytes) Root Pass 6010. Approx 95 amps 1/8" Diameter.


ramp002.JPG (68327 bytes)Welded the inside corner with a pass of E7018 1/8" at 130 amps DCRP, 


ramp001p5.JPG (71764 bytes)then turned it over and backgouged with the plasma and followed up with some light grinding. 

ramp005.JPG (99903 bytes)  ramp006.JPG (95583 bytes)  ramp007.JPG (67848 bytes) Then welded the outside corner up.


 ramp008.jpg (67861 bytes)The machine welded and cut nicely.

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