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1. Doubling the leg size of an equal leg fillet weld increases the
Weight/Volume of weld metal by a factor of 2
strength by a factor of 1.707
volume and weight by a factor of 4
time to weld by two
Requires a larger welding rod

2. Copper can be effectively used as backing because
It melts at a higher temperature than steel
oxides form on the surface that prevent bonding to t he steel
The thermal conductivity of copper allows it to efficiently absorb energy
the chemical differences do not allow copper and steel to melt together
None of the above, copper is never used as backing

3. GTAW welding of aluminum can be performed with
2 and 3
All the above

4. Which of the following codes does not indicate specific acceptance criteria for production welding.
AWS D1.1
ASME B31.3

5. Per ASME Sec. IX, If a welder qualifies using GTAW on carbon steel (P-1) pipe without purge is he/she qualified to weld 304 SS with purge provided all other variables remain the same
It depends on the piping code B31.1 or B31.3
ASME Sec IX Does not address these requirements

6. Which of the following defects cannot be easily located with radiography
cracks perpendicular to the film plane
Incomplete Penetration

7. Which end of a gouging rod must point towards the work piece
The pointed end
The copper covered end
either provided the air is flowing over the rod
either provided the air is flowing between the rod and work piece
Any of the above

8. Effective preheating will
Increase cooling times
Increase distortion
Increase residual stress
Both 1 and 3
Both 2 and 3

9. PWHT is an acronym for
Preheat With High Temperature
Post Weld Heat Treatment
Precision Welded High Tensile
Post Weld Hydrostatic Test
Pretty Welders have teeth

10. Which weld is stronger in tension
FCAW Self Shielded Using E71T11
FCAW Self Shielded Using E-71T1
GMAW using ER70S-3
GTAW using ER-70S-2
None of the above

11. "Walking the cup" is a term used to describe
technique for GTAW welding the edge of a pipe
A technique that rests the gas cup on the metal being welded and the torch is rotated in a pattern that causes forward and side to side motion.
A technique in which the root weld on pipe is welded that opens a "keyhole" while welding.
None of the above
All of the above

12. A butt welded joint in carbon steel that is restrained during welding and cooling will
Have high residual stress
be stronger than on that is not restrained
Not ever crack
Have to be stress relieved
All the above

13. Residual Stress can be decreased by
allowing parts to move freely during welding
Using a "Back Step" sequence
Post weld heat treatment
Both 2 and 3
Both 1 and 3

14. A double bevel groove weld is
Shaped like a vee since both pieces are beveled
can be welded from one side only
Has a cross section similar to the letter K
Both 1 and 2
Both 2 and 3

15. Per ASME SEC IX, A person who takes a 2" Pipe Coupon test 6G, Uphill progression with GTAW Open Root and SMAW fill and cap is qualified
to weld a stick welded root with backing
to weld a GTAW Root fill and cap up to two times the deposited weld thickness
Weld open roots downhill without backing using SMAW
Both 1 and 2
# 1 #2 AND #3

16. Does a person have to take a test on a tube or pipe coupon to weld an attachment to the long axis of the pipe/tube
Only if approved by the customer

17. A constant current power supply is required for

18. Excess preheat and interpass temperatures on high strength low alloy steel such as A-514 will be most likely to
Hydrogen Embrittlement
Reduction in Mechanical Properties
have no affect provided the lower critical temperature is not reached before welding

19. Glass is
Fatigue Resistant

20. A material with a fractured surface that leaves a grey appearance on a piece of paper when it is rubbed with the paper is probably
White Cast Iron
Gray Cast Iron
Carbon Steel
Nickel Chromium Iron
Any of the above

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