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Gerald R. Austin


Resume Summary

Twenty-five years in the maintenance/fabrication/construction industry with experience as a Quality Control Manager, QC Inspector, Welding Inspector, Pipefitter/Welder, Boilermaker/Tube Welder, machinist and fitter.Experienced in Boiler and Pressure Vessel Repair, Steel Fabrication, Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacture, Gas Turbine Repair/Installation, Piping fabrication and installation, and U.S. Navy Nuclear Power.  My interests in metal and metal fabrication are wide and based on years of self-study and work experience.

Summary of Experience and Qualifications

·         Experienced in Project Supervision, Procurement, Expediting, Specification Preparation, Startup, and Document Control.

·         Extensive Knowledge of Welding Processes, Non-Destructive Testing, Metallurgy, Distortion Control, Cost Reduction, and Quality Control.

·         Experience with preparation and maintenance of various quality control standards, maintenance of Quality Assurance Manuals, Qualification of Welding Procedure Specifications, preparation of procedure qualification records, subcontractor quality surveys, preview of customer contracts, final inspection of motor/shaft alignments, resonance testing of fan rotors, magnetic particle testing weldments and preparation of welded repair plans for shop/field repair of existing equipment.

·         Proficient with the setup and operation of various welding processes including GTAW, SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, GMAW Pulsed,  OFW, and SAW. Materials welded include Inconel, Monel, Carbon Steel,  Hastalloy (Various Grades), Austenitic SS,  Ferritic SS, Aluminum (GTAW/GMAW Only),  NiAlBronze, Copper Nickel, Stellite, and Duplex SS

·         13  years experience as an AWS Certified Welding Inspector. (Certification current till 1/10)

·         Construction and Shop experience with in-process inspection of fitup and welding, testing and qualification of welders in accordance with ASME Sec. IX and AWS D1.1, maintenance of job travelers, verification of code compliance of non-destructive testing and other duties as related to Boiler and Pressure Vessel erection and repair.

Employment History  

·    Jan 08  to Present -Technical Support for welding rel;ated software company- Contractor

·    Jun 08 to Present- QC Rep/CWI for Gerogia Pacific Via Mustang Eng.

·    Aug 07 to Dec 08- CWI/QC Rep for Fluor-Big Cajun II Outage

·    Aug 2006 to Aug 2007 CWI/QC Inspector/TRainer  for PSP Monotech, Iuka MISS

·    Oct 2004 to Aug 2006 3D CAD Designer and purchaser for Wrights Marine Construction, Pickwick Dam, Tn.

·    Feb 2003 to Oct 2004 Various Boiler Outages and SCR Construction in the SE United States.

·         March 2001 to Present Various projects doing business as “Welding Inspection Services” which including welding inspection, consulting, software development and training.

·         Feb 2001 to March 2001 QC Inspector for SW&B construction at Paper Machine Project, Kimberly Clarke, Corinth MS

·         November 2000 to Jan 2001 Welder for US Boiler and Tube, FT Payne Alabama

·         November 1999 to November 2000. Quality Control Inspector and Database Administrator for Prosser Modules, Glen Arm Maryland/Iuka Mississippi.

·         July 1998 to November 1999. Various short term projects in the southeast as a Quality Control inspector and Welder.

·         July 1997 to June 1998 Quality Control Manager for PSP Industries in Iuka, Miss.

·         April 1996 to July 1997: Pipe/Tube welder and Quality Control Inspector For Various Construction Companies in the Southeast United States. 

·         Jan. 1995 to April 1996: Pipefiitter/Welder for Plant Maintenance Service Corporation, Memphis Tennessee.

·         March 1994 to Jan. 1995: Quality Control Inspector/CWI and Boilermaker/Welder for U.S. Boiler and Tube Company, Ft. Payne Alabama

·         November 1993 to March 1994: Quality Control Inspector for Kamtech, Inc., Glen Falls, New York.

·         November 1991 to November 1993: Manager of Quality Assurance and Welding Engineering for Zurn Air Systems, Birmingham, Alabama.

·         March 1989 to November 1991: Quality Control Inspector and Welding Technician for U. S Boiler and Tube Co. Inc. Ft. Payne Ala.

·         April 1988 to March 1989: Welder and Apprentice Machinist at Lambs Machine Works, Memphis Tenn.

·         October 1982 to April 1988: Hull Maintenance Technician and Nuclear Power Plant Components Maintenance Welder in the United States Navy.

·         1980 to 1982 Welder (Part Time) for Coleman Engineering, Memphis Tenn.


Completed 160 hours of Boilermaker Training, Muscle Shoals Ala.  and Memphis Tenn

Graduated Craigmont High School, Memphis, Tenn., 1982 in top 25 % of Class.

Completed Approx. 1200 Hours of welding training at Kingsbury Vocational Center in Memphis, Tenn. (Honor Student)

Attended Hull Maintenance Technician Class “A” School. (11 weeks Completed in 6.)

Completed Navy Nuclear Power Plant Components Welder Course, US Navy “C” School. 30-Week Course Length

Completed training courses for Nuclear Steam Generator Repairs including welding qualifications and radiological control practices.

Completed Required Training for ASNT Level II Certification in Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Examination Methods. Course taken through Hellier and Associates.

Completed College Algebra and 2nd Year Computer Programming Class at Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham, Alabama.

I am familiar with Ultrasonic testing including complete setup, calibration, and operation of KB-USN50 and other Units.

Skills and Abilities I can

..weld most commercially available metal alloys including structural and piping using SMAW, GTAW, FCAW and OFW.

… cut,prep and fitup piping from drawings or field route.

… perform welding in difficult positions including composite window welds and restricted access welds requiring the use of a mirror.

… learn about any subject related to my skills due to a high level of interest in all related subjects.

… perform boilermaking tasks including rolled or  welded tube installation, header repair/installation, cut, arc gouge, bend tubes, rig and other boilermker related tasks.

… repair/install various types of industrial equipment including pumps, Control Valves, piping systems, Pressure/Temp Transmitters, and related items.

… perform various metal fabrication practices including Hot and Cold Forming, Layout, Shearing, Punching, Milling, Drilling, Turning (Lathe), and Polishing.

… perform tasks from design, fabrication, and erection drawings.  I am also experience with performing tasks from procurement documents.

…develop construction/fabrication related computer programs  for welding documentation tracking, inventory/receiving, QA/QC, and document control.

Prepare field isometric piping sketches and weld maps by hand or using various CAD programs.

… help your company meet the customers needs !


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