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Information Pages

I have prepared the pages below to answer questions on various forums or to convey information to someone regardless of their software. If you have any comments about these, there is a submittal form below. These comments do not display anywhere, they notify me by e-mail with your comments and name or email if you supply it.

Concave Welds/High Depth To Width Ratio

Window Welds ( 7 Aug 03)

My Opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of Welding Processes

Welding Process Names and Abbreviations

Use of a Dog and Wedge for Fitup.

Fillet Weld Gage Use

FCAW Carbon Steel Welding Data

GMAW Carbon Steel Welding Data

Low Hydrogen Iron Powder Electrode Settings and Deposition Rates

 Bead Sequence

The graphic below shows the similarity between the old field weld symbol and the current weld all round symbol

Walking The CUP

Doubler Pad on Impeller (Fan )

Pictures of some tig welds made with a $150.00 welding machine

Groove Weld Positions For Plate

1/2" Joint Fitup

Tubing Fitup Question 

Vee Groove With Backing

This Sketch shows weld cap profiles with different types of bead placements

The picture below shows an example of a 6GR test position

Sample of Pipe Template Development using parallel line development.

Lap Joint overlap Theory

HTML Bible an entire KJV Bible that can be downloaded and installed on a website. It's a quick reference for looking up a verse. Regardless of the format, its the only way to know Gods will!

An interesting view of welding This is a link to another site. The view expressed by this person may not be what you like to hear but based on what I have seen and done in industry, its an understandable opinion.

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