Welding Class
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Pipe Welding Class 2011-2012

Mobile Welding Lab , 

Three Rivers Development,

Northeast Mississippi Community College Welding Program.

Below are some pictures of welds made by students at the welder training center in Iuka Mississippi. Click on the thumbnail to see a bigger picture.

100_0622.JPG (858098 bytes) Student 2 . 99 Hours

100_0638.JPG (2600041 bytes) Student 2

100_0599.JPG (647879 bytes) Student 1 83 Hours

100_0616.JPG (885417 bytes) Student 1

100_0607.JPG (385247 bytes) Welding In Action

Had students perform welder qualification tests on 1/2" plate in accordance with the requirements of AWS D1.1 .


Results to follow.

Both Students have passed tests on 1/2" A36 with FCAW in the 3G with guided bend tests.

The class due to graduate on 18 Sep 09 is sharpening their SMAW skills by practicing their welding in positions more in line with the real world.


Zack  and the completed Weld 7018 1/8" Tee Joint on 3/16" Material.

Here are some pics from the recent class.

100_0879.JPG (1132879 bytes) Graduating Class from 25 Sep 09


100_0892.JPG (2009468 bytes) 3G plate Test, 1/8" E 7018 . Approx 50 Hours of training .


100_0885.JPG (1180561 bytes) 3G plate in progress.


  6010 Open root on 3/16" Flatbar


6010 Root Pass on Pipe. Bottom Section.